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Internal regulations

A series of Internal Regulations that guide our actions are available:

  1. Crime Prevention Model Policy.
  2. Crime Prevention Procedure.
  3. Information Management Manual for the Gasco S.A. Market.
  4. Policy regarding retaining of external advisors for the Board of Directors.
  5. Induction Procedure for new Board Members.
  6. Procedure Induction new board members.
  7. Management and Risk Control Policy.
  8. Anti-Trust Policy.
  9. Conflict of Interests Policy.
  10. Policy of Gifts and Hospítality
  11. Procedure for relating with Governmental Authorities and other Public Officers.
  12. Ethical Code.
  13. Ethics Committee.
  14. Incorporation of Empresas Gasco S.A.
  15. Updated By-laws of Empresas Gasco S.A. (including every amendment made until the last one made in 2017).