Gasco reinforces transport strategy: we managed to convert light vehicles to operate with diesel and gas in Chile

In parallel, the company is developing a demo that allows heavy transport to operate with dual fuel diesel-gas technology. This evidences Gasco's strategy of delivering environmentally friendly energy solutions and seeking regulatory changes to remove current restrictions for liquefied gas fueled vehicles in the country.

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Gasco is recognized by consumers as the company with the best service experience in the industry

The company won the first place at the national level of the Ranking of experience PXI - Praxis Xperience Index 2019 for the Gas Cylinder sector, which annually evaluates the perception of customers against more than 100 national brands from 29 different sectors.

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GascoEduca closes year 2018 with important expansion to regions and adds more than 30,000 students

The educational program that seeks to make the community aware of the advantages of gas as an energy resource, and promoting the efficient and responsible use of all energy sources, is currently present in the Metropolitan Region, Atacama and Magallanes.

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